Parenting Abroad: A Kenya-Born Single Mother Shares Her Story

A Chat With Suzie Njoroge, A Kenyan-Born Single Mother, On How She Does it.

Raising children in a country and culture that is different from where you grew up can be challenging; as is the case if you are a Kenyan raising a child in the United States or in Canada. Whereas many people in Kenya can afford a live-in nanny —who in many Kenyan households plays the role of housekeeper, cook, personal shopper and cleaner —here, it is a luxury only reserved for the rich who can afford to pay a nanny, a housekeeper, a cook, a personal shopper, and a cleaner; five different people for the five duties. Moreover, many Kenyans do not have close family members in their adopted countries and if they do, they live in different states —which in some cases, the distance is equivalent to flying from Kenya to South Africa, or from Kenya to Nigeria, or from Kenya to Egypt (Ok, you get the picture). So, all the spouses have is each other to go to work, take children to sports, take children to school or daycare, pick them up, cook, clean, be on call in case of an emergency at their children’s school, among other responsibilities.

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