At the hospital after being diagnosed with latent TB and stage 5 kidney disease.

Let’s Help Singer Get A Kidney Transplant

An Up, Close and Candid Interview with Kenyan Born Gospel Artist, Gerriey Wainaina.

Gerriey Wainaina is a Kenyan born gospel artist in need of a kidney transplant.
Gerriey Wainaina is a Kenyan-born gospel artist living in Seattle, Washington.

African Vines® gets up, close and candid with Gerriey about his life before and after he was diagnosed with a kidney disease, and how we can help him and his family get through one of the most challenging periods of their lives.

In January 2018 Gerriey Wainaina — an award-winning Kenyan gospel artist — went to the doctor for a physical as part of the requirements to be recruited into the United States Armed Forces. A TB (Tuberculosis)  test was one of the many tests he had to take as part of the physicals. What was supposed to be a routine check-up would result in a diagnosis that would put his dreams of joining the Armed Forces on hold, but leave his faith in God unwavering.  Continue reading “Let’s Help Singer Get A Kidney Transplant”