UNSUNG HEROES: Five Reasons Why Kenyans Who Host Diversity Immigrant Visa (Green Card) Winners are Unsung Heroes.

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It is that time of the year when most of us Kenyans living in the United States and in Canada are reminded of the vast differences between our adoptive countries and our biological one. The trees are changing from summer green to vibrant yellow, orange and burgundy colors that signal the change of season from hot, bikini and short shorts to chilly, boots and scarves. Stores and neighborhood are filled with scary skeletony spookiness, while pumpkin spiced latte is the go to drink for Starbucks snobs.

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At the hospital after being diagnosed with latent TB and stage 5 kidney disease.

Let’s Help Singer Get A Kidney Transplant

An Up, Close and Candid Interview with Kenyan Born Gospel Artist, Gerriey Wainaina.

Gerriey Wainaina is a Kenyan born gospel artist in need of a kidney transplant.
Gerriey Wainaina is a Kenyan-born gospel artist living in Seattle, Washington.

African Vines® gets up, close and candid with Gerriey about his life before and after he was diagnosed with a kidney disease, and how we can help him and his family get through one of the most challenging periods of their lives.

In January 2018 Gerriey Wainaina — an award-winning Kenyan gospel artist — went to the doctor for a physical as part of the requirements to be recruited into the United States Armed Forces. A TB (Tuberculosis)  test was one of the many tests he had to take as part of the physicals. What was supposed to be a routine check-up would result in a diagnosis that would put his dreams of joining the Armed Forces on hold, but leave his faith in God unwavering.  Continue reading “Let’s Help Singer Get A Kidney Transplant”